Functional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Kansas City

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Our Professional Cabinet Painting in Kansas City

If your Kansas City home could benefit from cabinet painting, call PRH Residential Paint L.L.C. at (913) 484-8038 to schedule an appointment.

If your cabinets are old or out of style, you should consider a fresh coat of paint. When you paint your cabinets, it refurbishes the look of your kitchen and makes your home feel brand new again. We can provide a cabinet paint job that works wonders for your kitchen.

PRH Residential Paint L.L.C. proudly serves Kansas City and its surrounding communities with first-rate cabinet painting services. We have decades of experience working with Kansas City homeowners to create visually appealing kitchens. Our team treats our clients like family and shows up on time and ready to work. Whether you are completing a full remodel or are looking to update your custom cabinets, we have the team for you. 

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Benefits of Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting can benefit your Kansas City, KS, home in the following ways:

Rejuvenate Your Kitchen or Bathroom

One of the principal benefits of painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is it makes your home more visually appealing. Over time, your cabinet frame may show signs of decay, making it look cheap and unstylish.

When we apply new coats of paint to your cabinets, it will make your bathroom or kitchen look brand new. Our painters eliminate scratches and stains with our quality paint products.

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Increase Home Value

If you are putting your home on the market, one of the best things you can do is paint your cabinets. Doing so will make the interior of your home more appealing to potential buyers.

When people buy a home, they want as few home improvement projects as possible; they do not want to worry about repainting the cabinets once they move in. Our cabinet painting in Kansas City will help you get better offers for your on-market home.

Below are other benefits of our cabinet door painting services:

Our Cabinet Cleaning Process

While you can paint your cabinets without professional help, we recommend hiring a professional. Cabinet painting requires several tools and is an in-depth process. If you make a mistake, it can be hard to correct, so it’s best to leave the task in the hands of a kitchen remodeler.

Our cabinet painting process starts with cleaning and degreasing your cabinet doors. Doing so creates a foundation to paint on. We then remove your cabinets, drawers, and hardware from your kitchen and sand all your surfaces.

Finally, we prime and paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Please note that cabinets have a drying time of one to two weeks.

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Schedule Cabinet Painting Today

When you’re looking for the cabinet painting Kansas City locals count on, look no further than PRH Residential Paint, LLC. Our licensed and insured painting experts will rejuvenate your kitchen and leave you astonished at the results of our paint job. Whether we use spray paint, enamel paint, or oil-based paints, your doors and drawers will look stunning.

To invest in cabinet painting for your Kansas City, KS, home, call PRH Residential Paint L.L.C. Our talented contractors will walk you through the cabinet painting process and help you choose the best color paint for your cabinets.

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