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Over time, your home’s walls accumulate dents, cracks, and stains that lower the quality of your home interior. One of the best ways to eliminate these aesthetic issues is to invest in interior painting. An interior paint job will rejuvenate your home, making you feel better about your home’s condition.

Our residential painters in Kansas City will help you choose the best paint color for your home to create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. We have decades of experience working in Kansas City homes and know the best ways to help rejuvenate your home’s interior. Our team is happy to take your call and schedule an interior painting appointment.

Living room
Entryway interior with luxury stained glass door

Our Interior Paint Job Process

With decades of interior paint experience, our painting method is second-to-none. 

Our interior painting process begins with helping you choose the best color for your paint job. There must be a color flow in the interior of your home. If all your rooms are different colors, it can lessen the visual appeal of your home.

Our residential painters in Kansas City will also determine which paint type is best for your home. These paint types include latex paint and trim paint.

Then, we will prepare for painting by covering your valuable furniture and floors, ensuring that we do not spill paint on your home decor.

Next, our professional painters will prime your interior walls, creating a smooth surface to paint.

Finally, we will paint your walls to cap off your home improvement project. We also provide complimentary clean-up services, ensuring that your home is in quality condition when we leave.

Where Should I Paint?

Many areas of your Kansas City home can benefit from an interior paint job.


The bedroom is where you start and finish each day. Therefore, applying a fresh coat of paint to your bedroom can help you relax at night and feel refurbished in the morning.

Popular bedroom paint colors include red, bubble gum, light pink, and peach. Your choice of color depends on many things, such as age, gender, and personal preference.

Modern Washroom


Another area of your home that you should consider repainting is your bathroom. We find that many bathrooms feature outdated paint colors. You will be surprised how a fresh coat of paint can change the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Neutral colors work best for your bathroom. Opt for gray, pink, or white to keep your bathroom color simplistic and classy.

Below are other rooms in your home that can benefit from an interior paint coating.

Contact the Residential Painters Kansas City Relies On

Our professional painters are licensed and insured, meaning we assume the risk associated with our paint jobs. Typically, our interior house painting jobs last up to a decade.

We are proud to offer the best interior painting in Kansas City, KS. To schedule an appointment with our professional painters, call PRH Residential Paint, L.L.C.

Modern living room with kitchen