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A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on the appearance of your home or business. Finding the right Prairie Village painter to apply that paint can be challenging. You need painters with experience, skill, and an eye for detail and design.

PRH Residential Painting, LLC takes pride in the skill and experience of our professional painting team. From choosing colors and painting techniques to completing the project efficiently and answering all your questions, we are committed to delivering the quality painting results you need. Call us today for an estimate!

Home with columns and double garage
Home exterior with garage and driveway

Residential Painting Services in Prairie Village, KS

As the premier Prairie Village painter, we provide a wide range of painting and home improvement services. Our interior painting services can completely transform your home’s interior. Using color and texture, we can reshape the appearance of your rooms without a single cut or renovation to the structure.

For example, applying a dark color to the trim of your rooms marks out the spaces more clearly, creating smaller, cozier rooms, while painting the edge of connecting rooms in a light color that matches the walls makes the illusion of more significant space and a much larger room. Lighter colors also brighten your home’s interior during the dreary winter months, brightening the mood and space.

These color principles apply to your exterior house painting project as well. A dark color on your home’s exterior can make it look smaller and farther away from the road, while a light color makes it look larger and closer to the street.

At PRH Residential Painting, LLC, we not only assist with color selection and design but advise you on the correct type of paint to get for your home’s interior or exterior. Our skilled house painters bring years of experience and skill to every paint project and work with you to make the entire painting process smooth and speedy.

Brand new residential houses with concrete driveway and asphalt road in front
New Shopping Center

Prairie Village Commercial Painting Services

In addition to handling your house painting project, PRH Residential Painting offers quality commercial painting services in Prairie Village, KS. We understand that how your building looks outside is a significant part of bringing customers inside. Maintaining those looks can be difficult, leading to disruptions in business and even downtime that costs your business.

At PRH Residential Painting, we bring years of experience to every commercial project we take on. We have the skill and knowledge to paint and improve the interior and exterior of your commercial building. We can complete your painting project with little to no disruption to your customers and business flow with advanced painting techniques designed to keep your space as clear and serviceable as possible.

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PRH Residential Painting, LLC has served the Kansas City Metro area, including Prairie Village, KS. We’ve worked with thousands of clients, painting and improving their commercial and residential properties. As the premier Prairie Village painter in the area, we focus on our clients and their 100% satisfaction with our work.

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Home exterior with garage and driveway