How to Pick Out Your Home’s Exterior Paint Color

Painting your house is a major endeavor. Painting companies might make it look easy, but it’s a lot of work. Even if you aren’t painting the home yourself, you’ll still need to choose the colors that’ll stay on those exterior walls for a very long time. A painting company will help you narrow down the choices you have so you can find that perfect combination.

Pick Something You Like Regardless of Trends

The paint colors you choose for the exterior of your home will be there for years, which means you have to choose something you won’t get tired of. For that reason, avoid the latest trendy color unless it’s actually one that you’ll love looking at for years. Trends for home colors change every few years, and you don’t want your home to look dated. If you’re looking for greener paint, as in eco-friendly, you’re in luck. Many paint companies are gradually making their paints better for the environment and for people by removing harmful chemicals, according to Better Homes & Gardens.

Coordinate With Your Window Frames

Dual-pane window frames tend to be noticeable when you look at a house. They’re not like aluminum window frames, which were thinner and less visible. The thickness of the dual-pane frames means that the color you choose needs to match the rest of your color scheme. You’ll find dual-pane frames mostly in white, with a lot of beige and some black options. If the windows are already present, choose paint colors that don’t clash with the frames. For example, if most of your home will be painted a dark brown, white frames would stand out and possibly look very odd.

Don’t Make Everything One Color

Your house will not actually be painted in only one color. You’ll have the main color, but often you’ll have trim that is a different color. For example, you might have a blue house with white trim, or a white house with green trim. Making everything one color can make the house look very bland, which may stand out just as much as a garishly painted house. If you don’t want too much contrast, go for more neutral colors such as tan and darker brown for the trim.

When you’re ready to have your home painted, a painting company will provide you with swatches and samples that you can study. Mix and match various colors to find a timeless combination for the main and trim colors. To get started with painting services, call our team at PRH Residential Paint, LLC.

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